Waterproof Cabin Tent

Waterproof Cabin Tents – The Best Companion For Your Camping Trips In The Rainy Season

Tents are an integral element of camping activity. There are lightweight and heavyweight tents; both serving the same purpose. Tents provide temporary shelter, which is why they are widely used at outdoor camps. These tents are handy during emergencies like natural disasters when it provides shelter to people who have lost their homes.

Beyond the standard tent, we have a wide range of waterproof cabin tent for people who love the outdoors – be it sun or rain, snow or hail. As the name suggests, waterproof cabin tentsare exactly what they sound like – they are hundred percent water resistant.

What is waterproof cabin tent?

A waterproof tent is ideally your ‘go-to’ choice for times when you wish to go outdoors for spending a night camping in the rainy weather. Or when you wish to go trekking to places that are popular for the rainforests.

Cabin tents are spacious and roomy. Since these tents are engineered with vertical walls, it is just like a normal room where one can stand and walk, instead of the standard dome canvas tents which requires inhabitants to crawl around and sit.

Waterproof cabin tents are blessed with dual benefits – one, they never let the rainwater to enter inside; and second, they replicate the look-and-feel of a small-sized room. 

Waterproof cabin tents can be single-walled or double-walled – but they are still larger than the normal canvas tents. By virtue of the tents being sizably big, you certainly cannot backpack these tents. So, the way out is to transport them using a motorized vehicle.

Characteristics of the best waterproof cabin tents

Two things that you should check on priority while buying a waterproof cabin tent are – the material or the fabric and the design of the tent. It is good to remember the reason why you are going in for such a tent – you need something that can beat the water and never let it permeate in; and you also need a material that can withstand the harsher natural elements like wind and hail. Other than the material of the tent, the framework, the pole, outer seams and the guy lines too need to be strong and robustly made.

These are few of the features that you need to look out for:

  1. Material
    • Made from the best quality material
    • Though these tents are heavy and bigger in size as compared to the standard canvas tents, use of the right material can make the best waterproof cabin tents handy and portable.
    • Use of fabric that is durable, resistant to normal wear and tear and yet soft to touch.
  2. Size and shape
    • Tents have optimized height so that men and women of average height can easily be accommodated inside the tent.
    • Tents are designed to make maximum use of space
    • The best tents will also have the sturdiest framework and support, with strong window awnings to protect from high-pressure winds and lashing rain.
    • Bigger tents have ample dividers so that larger families and groups can rest and camp without invading on each other’s privacy.
  3. Ease of using
    • Such waterproof cabin tents are easy to pack and unpack.
    • They are easy to set up and have a ready-to-refer instruction guide alongside.
    • Has an extremely user-friendly entrance that allows seamless exit and entry.
    • For lighting inside the tent, presence of lantern loops provides easy support after sunset.
    • Waterproof cabin tents usually have zippers for dividers and entrances. The best one will have zippers that can be operated.


Waterproof cabin tents and materials

These tents are made up of synthetic material that are water resistant and withstand higher pressures. Some of the common materials used for making these rainproof tents include – nylon, vapex, Polyester, NFL coated canvas, 190T fabric, UV-Tex 5 and more.

Waterproof cabin tents and materials

Generally speaking, these tents are made up of synthetic material that are high on water resistance and are also able to withstand higher pressures. without giving in. Some of the common materials that are used for making these rainproof tents include – nylon, vapex, Polyester, NFL coated canvas, 190T fabric, UV-Tex 5 and more.

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