Lightweight Tarp Tent

Proven Quality of Lightweight Tarp Tent by Camping Press

The lightweight tarp tent is characterized by two distinct features – one, it is extremely flimsy and finely made; and two, it’s delicate make gives the tent a unique kind of lightness. Both these aspects make it extremely easy to carry on your back and walk great distances comfortably.

When you go out on hiking and trekking trips, the weight of your backpack is a crucial factor. Of course, an extra ounce, here or there does not really create a significant difference. But, when outdoors, you do need to be careful about the weight that you are carrying on your back. The lightweight tarp tent makes the work of the camper really easy and simple. Weight of the tent contributes majorly to the total weight of your backpack. Keeping the weight to a minimum, keeps the camper agile and light-footed.

Make your hiking trip thoroughly comfortable by choosing to buy lightweight tarp tents brought to you by the Camping Press, manufactured by some of the best brands around the world.

What should be the features to consider when buying a lightweighttarp tent?


The fun of going on a camping trip can be marred by a heavyweight tent on the back. It slows youdown and strains your muscles.With a lightweight tarp tent, you can be at ease – the weight is not going to deter you from any challenge.Whether it is climbing steep slopes or walking on sandy rocky terrains,with a lightweight tent your hiking trip will be exciting and fun. Relax your shoulders and back by choosing to buy from Camping Press. Our recommended lightweight tarp tents are made by our chosen manufacturers. They make sure to craft tents from the most high-quality and delicate material so that your outdoor trip is always about adventure and enjoyment and never about stress and tension.

We conduct extensive research to bring on-board the best and the finest quality tents for our valuable customers. The team at Camping Press loves camping and hiking – our adrenalin is always pumped up with the thought of the outdoors. This is why we understand completely how essential it is that camping enthusiasts have the best lightweight tarp tentfor life-enriching experiences. When you choose tents from our exclusive range, you can be sure of having made the right choice.

Our recommended lightweight tarp tent will be there to support you through multiple hiking and trekking trips – for years you will be at peace with a safe sanctuary in the wilderness.



When you buy a tent, it is extremely critical that you go for a tent that scores hundred percent on protection. What is that you want to be safeguarded from?

  • From the weather outdoors. While it is true that there is pure bliss in the midst of nature and its elements, it is also equally true that there are always elements that are dangerous and you need a strong and robust lightweight tarp tent for your safety. From the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun to torrential rains, high-pressured winds and storms to hail and snow; you need to be well-protected and secured from any discomfort.


  • From rodents and insects outdoors. Be it pests like rats, cockroaches, mice and ants or insects like spiders, mosquitoes and bugs, when you are outdoors, there are lots of issues associated with small living beings that you need to address well before-hand. Investing in a durable quality lightweight tarp tent as advised by Camping Press is definitely the way to stay safe in the open.

The lightweight tarp tentschosen by Camping Press are made from weather-resistant material – this way, it is moisture-proof, wear and tear proof providing excellent protection from external factors. Our partner tents are designed in a way and engineered with high quality materials that keep away all nocturnal animals from your tent.

With the lightweight tarp tent brands chosen by Camping Press in your backpack, your trip is going to a pleasurable one. It is truly a haven in the wilderness offering you shade and keeping you safe from all unwelcome natural elements.

Comfortable interior space

Many lightweight tents are trulyweightless because the makers compromise with the interior space and area of the tents. If you wish to have a truly heavenly camping experience, it is important that the lightweight tarp tent has enough space to sleep and move around. It is important that the tent does not cramp up your space or intrude into your privacy. The choice of the right size of tent also makes a key difference in ensuring a comfortable camping trip.

Lightweight tarp tent as advocated by Camping Press is marked by two great features in this context – spaciousness and ventilation. While spacious tents usually weigh heavy, Camping Press chosen lightweight tarp tent is rated high on these two aspects:

  • Roomy airy tents that have space not only for your sleeping bags and sleeping pads, but also space to store camping gears inside. There is space to walk and sit, lie down, sleep and more. Plus, there are dividers too – that give you time and space to relax in privacy and spend some valuable me-time with your own self. With ample space, the interior is always well-ventilated, allowing free flow of air, making your stay thoroughly comfortable.


  • Extremely lightweight – the extra space of Camping Press chosen lightweight tarp tent does not increase the weight in any which ways. This makes the tent really handy, portable and dependable.


Smart design

The lightweight tarp tentsare designed to ergonomically enhance your camping trips. It is important that the tent is designed for effective movement and optimized security. Camping Press chosen lightweight tarp tent has features such as:

  • Presence of vestibule, which allows campers to admire the beauty of the nature safely from inside;
  • Enlarged entrance that permit easy exit and entry movements;
  • Designed appropriately to provide complete ventilation
  • Presence of space and storage pockets are a great help to store emergency gears like flashlights and torches
  • Minimalistic design to keep things simple and airy


Installation and removal

Tents that are easy to set up and install are great facilitators and offer peace of mind. Tedious and complicated setups can be quite discouraging and frustrating! But not when you have the specially-recommended lightweight tarp tent from Camping Press. We have different types of tents to choose from – it could be free-standing or non-freestanding – you will get the best choices at our store. The tents sourced from our manufacturers are blessed with ease of installation and removal. We have made sure to bring to you tents that get pitched seamlessly and without much ado.



Lightweight tarp tents are usually priced high but at Camping Press, the tents are affordably priced, well within your budget. We are here to offer you a super interesting camping experience and we endeavor to do so by giving you optimized choices to select from.



Camping Press provides lightweight tarp tentsthat are robust and strong, offering you an enhanced roof over your head. We research diligently to understand the durability aspect of tents before featuring them on our site. With Camping Press-advocated tents, you can always look forward to a great hiking trip, every time!


We are different from other suppliers of tents because we have extremely user-friendly payment and return policies so that you can look for the best lightweight tarp tents online at our affiliate stores without worrying about making the wrong choice. However, if you are doubtful, you can always write in to us or speak to our customer support executives to understand the type of tent that suffices your exclusive requirement.

At Camping Press, we put focused efforts to get you the best of the lot camping gear and products so that your trip outdoors can be truly enjoyable and memorable. We vouch for all products that we recommend because we support our choices by facts and figures. We have spent years in the camping industry, understanding gears, in and out. Our suggested products are thoroughly backed by our experience. You can never go wrong when you choose to buy Camping Press-approved tents and gears as our chosen products are synonymous with great quality, proven results and optimized performance.