As a frequent camper, I’ve had plenty of experience with camping chairs. Nothing compares to relaxing in a nice chair by the campfire after a hard day of hiking. However, storing camping chairs might be difficult when it comes time to disassemble and return home. In this article, I’ll provide my own advice on how to store camping chairs correctly so they’ll be in good shape for your upcoming camping trip.

How To Store Camping Chairs

Why is it important to store the camping chairs?

  • Chairs are shielded from dirt, dust, and debris with proper storage to prevent damage and bad odors.
  • Chairs might sustain more harm from mold and mildew if they are not stored in a cool, dry location.
  • Camping Chairs can be kept in good condition by using a storage bag or cover to shield them from the elements and sunlight.
  • For your upcoming outdoor event or camping trip, you may save time and effort by storing chairs in a way that makes them simple to move and organize.

Important Tips and Tricks On How To Store Camping Chairs

1. Prior to Storing, Clean the Chairs

Make sure your camping chairs are clean before putting them away. By doing this, any dirt or debris won’t harm the fabric or frame. To clean the chairs of any dirt or debris, use a soft-bristled brush. If there are any stains, wash them away with some mild soap and water.

2. Properly fold the chairs

It’s crucial to fold your camping chairs properly for storage. The majority of camping chairs are made to fold up into a small space, which makes them simple to pack. Remove any additional items from your camping chair before folding it, such as trays or cup holders. Then, fold the chair according to the manufacturer’s directions. If you’re not sure how to fold the chair, look up a video tutorial online or study the owner’s manual.

3. Select the Camping Chair Storage Location

The location is important when it comes to keeping your camping chairs. Select a location that is dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight. This will lessen the likelihood of the fabric fading or changing color. Additionally, it’s crucial to keep your chairs out of a moist or humid environment because doing so can promote the formation of mold or mildew.

4. Use a Camping Chair Storage Bag

A great way to keep your camping chairs dry, clean, and protected from moisture is to store them in a storage bag. The majority of camping chairs have a storage bag, but if yours does not, you can buy one separately. Ensure that the storage bag fits your camping chairs properly and has a zipper to keep them safely inside.

5. Store in a Dry Area

Make sure to keep your camping chairs dry when storing them. Metal components can corrode, and moisture can cause the fabric to mold or mildew. Camping chairs are best kept in a garage or storage shed since they offer weather protection. If a garage or storage shed is not available, keep your chairs indoors in a dry place.

6. Place Items Vertically

Your camping chairs may be stored more efficiently and safely if you store them vertically. If you have numerous camping chairs, you might want to consider purchasing a chair storage rack. You can conserve room in your garage or storage shed by storing many chairs vertically on a chair storage rack.

7. Keep Chairs Upright 

It’s essential to keep your camping chairs upright when storing them. This helps save the chair’s frame and fabric from being stressed while also saving space. If you must stack them, make sure to put a towel or other barrier of protection between each chair to avoid any dents or scratches.

8. Avoid Storing Folding Chairs For a Long Time

Even though they’re fantastic for camping excursions and outdoor gatherings, folding chairs aren’t always the ideal option for long-term storage. Over time, the frame and fabric may get weaker due to repeated folding and unfolding, which may result in failure or damage. Pick a camping chair that can be stored and used for a long time, if at all possible.

9. Regularly Inspect The Chairs

Regularly inspect your camping chairs for any indications of wear and tear or damage. Before putting the chairs away, fix any holes or rips in the upholstery as well as any damage to the frame. By doing this, you can be sure your chairs will be in fine shape for your upcoming camping trip.

10. Label the Storage Bag

An excellent technique to keep your camping chairs organized is to label the storage bag. If you have several chairs for camping, mark the storage bag with the type or quantity of chairs inside. This will make it simple to locate the appropriate chair whenever you need one.

How To Store Camping Chairs

11. Keep Spare Parts Available

Having extra parts on hand is a smart idea if you intend to use your camping chairs for many years to come. This covers items like extra screws, fabric repairs, and replacement feet. By keeping these spare parts on hand, you can ensure that your chairs are always in excellent shape while also saving time and money in the long term.


Although camping chair storage may seem difficult, it is not with the appropriate advice and techniques. Chairs should be well cleaned before storage, folded appropriately, placed in a storage bag, kept in a dry location, stacked vertically, and given a camping chair storage bag storage bag with a label. You can make sure your camping chairs are in good shape for your upcoming camping trip by following these instructions.


  • Are my camping chairs allowed to be kept outside?  

It is not advised to keep your camping chairs outside, as the weather can harm them.

  • Do my camping chairs need to be cleaned after every use?  

To avoid dirt and debris buildup and damage, it’s a good idea to clean your camping chairs after each use.

  • How can I tell whether the camping chair I have needs to be fixed?  

Regularly check your camping chair for any symptoms of deterioration, such as rips, holes, or frame damage.

  • Is a cellar a suitable place to keep my camping chairs?  

As long as the basement is dry and cool, you can keep your camping chairs there.

  • Do I need to oil my camping chair’s metal components before putting it away?  

Oiling the metal components of your camping chair before storing it is not necessary, but you should make sure they are dry to avoid rust.

How To Store Camping Chairs

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