If you are a routine traveler and a camping person then, you might already be aware of the importance of the sleeping bag and how it could be one of the biggest life-saver. Most of the people believe that they can literally survive in their tents and can sleep peacefully. However, only the experienced person can make you aware of the importance of sleeping bags and what support it could provide to you while camping.

To make your life easier, we have compiled the list of trick or techniques which could effectively help you in staying warm in a sleeping bag.


Ways to stay warm in a sleeping Bag

Some of the researched and most important techniques which could facilitate you in staying warm are as follows:

  1. Choose the Right Sleeping Area

The sleeping area matters a lot. If you are sleeping on the edge of any mountain or near to the glacier then, you might need to carry an extra blanket which could help in keeping the surface linear.

Initially, you should always try to sleep on the flat or less bumpy surface to keep yourself away from all kinds of difficulties. The higher the level of bumps on the ground, the more difficult it would become for you to sleep warmly because you’ll be busy adjusting yourself only.


  1. Keep an emergency Blanket with you

Apart from keeping the sleeping bag, you should always try to have a liner or an emergency blanket with you for safety purposes. The emergency blanket can be used inside the sleeping bag and could help you in staying warm.


  1. Keep your Sleeping bag nearest

During camping or sleeping, your sleeping bag should be nearest to you. If you are sleeping on the mountain at night then, there is the highest probability that you might wakeup shiver during the middle of the night.

During the night time, your body starts releasing the coldness after sucking the heat from the ground. In such a situation, you might need to get your hands on your sleeping bag so that you can get inside it.

The nearest is your sleeping bag to you, the better you would be able to feel because you cannot always trust the weather and how it would react during the sleeping time.


  1. Sleeping Bag Liner should be Used

Sleeping Bag and its liner both can easily be used to have a peaceful sleep during the cold nights. Every sleeping bag comes with the built-in liner which can be used as the comforter if you are feeling cold.

To properly use the liner, all you need to do is separate the bag from the small liner and use it as a cover.



We understand the fact that staying warm is extremely important for survival, especially during the camping time. One of the items which could act as your life-saver is your sleeping bag therefore; you should always keep it handy.

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