How to Pick the Best Lightweight 2 Person Tent

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April 15, 2020
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How to Pick the Best Lightweight 2 Person Tent

Whether you want more space when camping alone or need a handy tent for you and a hiking buddy, it’s a good idea to get the best lightweight 2-person tent. Here are some tips on picking the right one:


  1. Think about the size

Many tents in the market are advertised as 2-person tents. However, not all of them can accommodate 2 people comfortably. Factors such as how tall you are must be considered when picking the best lightweight 2-person tent. You have to look at the exact measurements of its height, length, and width to see how big it is. A comfortable tent should have enough interior space, fitting two sleeping pads next to each other and allowing you to toss and move around comfortably.


  1. Consider the weight

 If you are opting for the best lightweight 2-person tent, then you have to pay closer attention to its weight. Keep in mind that packaged weight and minimum trail weight are different. Packaged weight refers to the weight of the tent and all its parts, including the poles and any accessories that come with it, whereas minimum trail weight refers to the weight of only the essential components. To know if the tent is really lightweight, look for the packaged weight info.


  1. Ask about the setup time

You want a tent that won’t take long to set up. Freestanding tents are superior in this regard. They already have pole systems that allow you to pitch the tent anywhere in no time. Most freestanding tents are also easy to take down.


  1. Choose a tent with good wall construction or fabric

To cut down the weight, some manufacturers use single-wall construction. However, this may mean lack of protection from the cold, heat, and wind. This is why experts often recommend choosing double-wall construction.


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