Are you bored of stumbling around in the dark on your camping trips? Well in this guide we will let you know how to make a 5 gallon bucket light for camping. Not having a dependable light source is one thing that can rapidly ruin a camping vacation. Without an adequate light source, it can be difficult to move around the campground after sundown, make food, or even use the bathroom.

 You might need a 5-gallon bucket lamp as a fix! As a frequent camper, I am aware of the value of having a dependable light source when outdoors. A camping bucket light is useful in this situation. I’ll walk you through the steps of creating your own 5-gallon bucket camping light in this article. This lighting solution is inexpensive, simple to create, and adaptable to your unique requirements. 

How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Light for Camping

Having a dependable and powerful light source will improve your camping experience and increase your sense of security, whether you’re camping with friends or family. Along with detailed assembly instructions, I’ll also offer advice on how to make the camping bucket light more water-resistant and customize it. You will possess a completely functional camping bucket light by the end of this article, which you can take with you on your upcoming outdoor excursion.

Materials Required to Camping Bucket Light

You need the following materials for making a camping 5-gallon bucket light:

  • a 5-gallon container
  • a light switch
  • lighting switch
  • Electrical wiring
  • the lightbulb
  • Shade for a lamp
  • the drill
  • A saw
  • Sandpaper (optional) and paint
  • electronic tape
  • Wire strippers and cutters
  • Screwdriver

It is crucial to take any safety considerations into account while selecting the materials for making Camping Bucket Light, as well as the weight and usefulness of each component.

Steps to Make the Camping Bucket Light

Step 1: Making the Bucket Ready

  • Bucket cleaning and drying
  • making the light socket’s hole

Preparing the bucket is the first step in making it light. Sandpaper should be used to smooth off any rough edges or flaws once the bucket has been completely cleaned and dried. Next, drill a hole slightly smaller than the size of the light socket in the center of the bucket lid. When drilling, it’s crucial to take safety precautions like putting on safety goggles and making sure the drill bit is fastened.

Step 2: Wiring the switch and socket

  • Connecting the switch to the socket

The light socket and switch need to be wired after the hole has been drilled. Remove roughly an inch of insulation from the wire ends using wire cutters or wire strippers, then use electrical tape or wire connectors to attach the wires to the socket and switch. When wiring, be sure to take safety precautions and adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Light for Camping

Step 3: Attaching the lightbulb and shade

  • Placing the light bulb in place
  • Securing the bucket in the shade
  • Choosing the best shade and bulb for your needs: some helpful hints

Install the light bulb and fasten the shade to the bucket after the socket and switch have been wired. Screws, glue, or other adhesives can be used to secure the shade. It is crucial to pick a shade that suits your requirements, such as one that will provide adequate lighting without being overly bright or warm.

Bucket Light Testing 

  • Safety Measures While Testing the Light

It is crucial to test the camping bucket light to make sure it functions properly before using it for camping. Make sure the bucket lamp is connected to a power source and turned on to ensure that the bulb lights up and the shade emits the proper amount of light. While testing the light, it’s also crucial to take safety precautions, like making sure the wiring is safe and there are no exposed wires.

Improving the weight and water resistance of your 5-gallon Camping Bucket Light

Make sure your bucket light can withstand the elements if you intend to use it for outdoor activities like camping. Here are some techniques for lightening and strengthening your 5-gallon bucket against water:

  • Apply a Silicone Coating to the Edges of the Lid

You may stop water from leaking in through any gaps by placing a coating of silicone sealant around the lid’s edges. This will keep the interior of the bucket dry and avoid water damage to the light. Before using the bucket, make sure to evenly apply the sealant and let it dry completely.

  • For Drainage, Drill a Few Small Holes in the Bottom

Some water may still enter the bucket despite the sealing. You can drill tiny drainage holes in the bottom of the bucket to stop water from pooling and causing harm. The light and the interior of the bucket will stay dry since this will allow any water that enters to drain out.

  • Customizing your Bucket Light for Camping 

Your camping equipment may benefit from the practical and adaptable addition of a 5-gallon bucket light. You don’t have to settle for a simple and uninteresting bucket, though. Here are some ideas for personalizing your camping bucket light to make it distinctive:

  • Spray paint the Bucket 

Painting your bucket light in your preferred hues or patterns is a simple way to personalize it. This can be an enjoyable DIY task that will also make it simpler to find your bucket amid a throng. Prior to using the bucket, use paint that is safe for plastic and let it dry completely.

  • Include stickers or Badges

If painting isn’t your thing, you can still further customize your bucket by adding stickers or decals. Numerous stickers and decals are available both online and offline, or you can make your own using printable sticker paper.

How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Light for Camping

  • Add Accessories to the Camping Bucket Light

Finally, you can add extras to your bucket light, like hooks or clips, to make it more unique. This makes your bucket light even more handy by allowing you to hang things like utensils or small bags.

A dimmer switch or a different type of bulb can be used to change the brightness of the light in addition to customizing it. Being more durable and energy-efficient than conventional incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are an excellent alternative. You may make your camping bucket light more useful and specific to your requirements by personalizing it.


You can make your own 5-gallon bucket light for camping by following these instructions. This is not only a reasonable choice, but it is also simple to make and may be tailored to meet your particular requirements. Having a dependable and powerful light source will improve your camping experience and increase your sense of security, whether you’re camping with friends or family.


  • How long will the battery in my bucket light for camping last?  

The battery life will vary depending on the battery type and light intensity. Having additional batteries on hand is a good idea.

  • Can I use a different kind of bulb for my bucket light when camping?  

A different type of bulb may be used as long as it fits the socket and doesn’t have a wattage higher than the allowed limit.

  • How waterproof is the bucket light for camping?  

A layer of silicone sealant can be applied around the lid’s corners, and small drainage holes can be drilled in the bucket’s bottom to increase the light’s water resistance even though it isn’t entirely watertight.

  • I have a bucket light for camping, but can I use a smaller bucket?  

You can use a smaller bucket, but bear in mind that the battery life may be reduced and the light may not be as brilliant.

How to Make a 5 Gallon Bucket Light for Camping

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