So, you finally found the time to switch your phone to silent and decided to take your loved ones to explore those amazing sceneries and beauties of nature. It’s camping trip time! You have triumphantly completed the first and most important step, congratulations…

Now it is time to choose the best camping tent for your trip.  Remember though, wrong choice of the tent can completely ruin your overall experience. To make the selection process easier, here is some pointers you should consider:

  • How many people will be staying in the tent?
  • The amount of luggage you bringing along
  • What is the weather forecast?
  • How much money you willing to spend?

With that said, let’s jump right into reviewing some of the best camping tents market has to offer. With every tent, we have taken into consideration price, weight, room inside the tent and quality of the materials.

Best Camping Tent for Families:

The decision of buying a camping tent is entirely dependent on how much money you are willing to pay for the product and what usability you are expecting from it. Some of the best camping tents for families are as follows:

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome tent comes with spacious interior which allows you to comfortably move inside the tent without bumping into each other. Although, considering this article is about a family tents, we wouldn’t recommend bringing more than one grown up or two toddlers. Quality-wise, this tent comes with some features that we really like:


  • Large windows providing great ventilation on a hot day
  • Use of quality materials guarantees unconcerned and worry-free stay in any weather
  • Features patented weld seam floors.


  • Might be costly for some, considering it is not the biggest tent on our list.

2. Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

Marmot Crane Creek backpacking and camping tent is once more ideal for two adults and a child. This tent might be little expensive but it is packed with some exceptional components to make your camping trip enjoyable. Needless to say, it looks amazing!


  • Comes with a full coverage rainproof feature which keeps you protected against all the adverse situations
  • It is highly durable thanks to its 7000series aluminum poles
  • Very easy to set up and comes with extra storage space.


  • Pretty expensive as compared to other products in the same category. ( but worth it! )

3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

For those who are bringing more children, lots of luggage and camping accessories, we definitely recommend checking this Klondike tent from Wenzel


  • Comes with the weather armor and polyester fabric which provides sheer protection against the rain or heavy winds.
  • Very comfortable
  • Comes with massive interior that accommodate up to 8 people.


  • Little bit harder to set up for first timers but practice makes perfect.

4. Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Montana Tent with Easy Setup

In our opinion, the Coleman Montana tent is the best option for large group of campers. Packed with features to make your camping trip as comfortable as possible, it is one of the best tents on our list.


  • Spacious with plenty of head room
  • Easily accommodate 3 king size air beds.
  • Comes with the WaveTec welding system known for giving one of the best protection against the rain and strong winds.
  • Easy to set up (10 – 15 minutes); additionally, it comes with the carry bag easy transport.
  • Comes with e-port to easily plug your electronic devices
  • Great price


  • Unfortunately, this is not a freestanding tent and has to be grounded, so bare this in mind when choosing your camping spot

5. Wenzel Great Basin Tent

If you decide to go camping this summer, your number one choice should be this Wenzel Great Basin tent 10.

This is a budget tent able to accommodate up to 10 campers in the sleeping bags. ( 4 facing left, 4 facing right and 2 in the middle).


  • Wenzel Tent comes with a unique feature that allows you to lighten up the tent at night time with the help of a damper on top.
  • The damper comes with the handle which can easily carry the weight of flashlight.
  • The tent comes with the three side panels, allowing to create a divider inside the tent. The divider can easily transform the tent into three sleeping areas.


  • The tent is small then the standard camp size of 10’x 18’.
  • The tent consists of zip-up partitions only.
  • Fiberglass poles are not the most durable


We know that choosing the right tent for your camping holiday could be a nightmare but make sure you give yourself enough time and do enough research before making the decision.

We hope that this article will help in solving your purchase query. In case you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below and we’ll get back to you pretty soon.

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