8 person waterproof tent

8-person waterproof tents from Camping Press for the ultimate camping experience

The camping industry has shown significant growth in the last few years as more and more campers go out couple of times during the year. As per data available, 2018 show about 1.4 million households went out for camping for the first time and since 2014, almost 72% campers went out on trips multiple times in a year.

The millennial crowd loves the idea of tenting and camping out because it provides them with the opportunity to escape from the daily grind and reconnect with nature. Also, the love for outdoors seems to be gradually encouraging the generation-next to get close to nature spending hours under the starlit night sky, watching the rain drops splatter all around or being an integral part of the greens around sounds interesting as a past-time

Some facts from the industry

Here are some stimulating stats from the camping industry

  • About 81%, feel that camping is the best way of spending time with family and close ones;
  • At least 64% families went out camping in 2018;
  • 56% campers were millennials
  • 65% campers preferred to stay in campsites
  • About 8% camped in the backcountry.

Modern ways of camping

  • New and advanced technology has made the life of campers easy and comfortable, to a certain extent.
  • Waterproof tents are made with materials that enable campers now to go out camping even in bad weather conditions; like torrential downpour, lashing winds and more. There are vast expansive choices – that range from different fabrics to capacities – for example, you can order for excellent quality 8-person waterproof tents and 6-person waterproof tents from Camping Press.
  • Advanced convenience such as food storage units, lockable bags, air mattresses, coolers, fire starters, rafts, and readymade food packets help in enhancing camping experiences for users.

8-person Waterproofs Tents from Camping Press

What do you expect from waterproofs tents that are so big and spacious? There are many obvious features that will feature high on your list – the waterproof tents available on our website include such aspects and more.

Before we go on to mention, how tents available on our website are superior; we need to point out that it is important to understand how crucial it is to buy and invest in tents that are solid and made from the best quality material. Durable and strong tents are reliable – in the outdoors, you need to have a tent that is able to bear strong lashing winds and protect you and your close ones from a downpour. Even when camping near a water body, you would need a trustworthy and dependable tent. All this, in the best interest of your health and that of your close ones. A stable tent is a trustworthy companion when you are outdoors – it is good to remember that while living amongst natural elements is a good thing, there could be plenty of unwanted beings like pests and harmful organisms that you need to safeguard yourself from.

Choosing to buy the 8-person waterproof tent from Camping Press is a big source of solace because you know that you and your acquaintances are in the right hands. When you decide to choose products sold by us as your trusted 8-person waterproof tents equipment, there is an assurance of safety and being well-protected from high-velocity winds, rains, water and moisture, hail and snow.

This is what sets us apart from other competitive 8-person waterproof tents:

Fabric and material

  • Made from a fabric that does not let the water fill inside the tent; in other words, it means the use of hydrophobic materials.
  • Allow easy flow of air, in and out of the tent so that it does not suffocate the people inside.
  • Our 8-person waterproof tents made from resilient and durable material;


Dimensions and weight

  • An 8-person waterproof tent is so spacious that it can easily accommodate about 5 to 6 people, with ease.
  • There is abundant space that can add ounces to your comfort and convenience – facilitating easy movement within the tent.
  • The tents we offer have space that is necessary for storing essentials – food, utensils, supplies, first aid and much more.
  • High ceiling that means that you do not have to duck around, inside the tent.
  • The 8-person waterproof tents available with Camping Press are highly portable – these can be easily carried in your car and trucks.
  • The 8-person waterproof tents available with Camping Press are designed and made to suit extreme weather conditions – be it the sun or the rain – you can depend on the tents for years with minimal maintenance.



  • Camping Press 8-person waterproof tents are extremely easy to set-up and assemble.
  • It does not take too much time and energy to get ready.
  • There is a manual with simple installation steps. You can carry it with you to any outdoor location and refer to for easy set-up.
  • Besides, our online site too has set-up and installation guides – you can access these from anywhere and at any time.
  • Even during disassembling of 8-person waterproof tents, the job is simple and straightforward and can be done in minutes.

Camping Press certainly is the right home away from home camping equipment. With strength and stability, you can look forward to a contented stay and relax without any stress or hassle.

What value add-ons can you find in the 8-person waterproof tents offered by Camping Press?

  • Innovative design that is supported using latest technology and engineering techniques.
  • Our ultra-cool 8-person waterproof tents are optimized for offering the best camping experience to modern-day campers.
  • Eco-friendly and green camping equipment that are ergonomically and scientifically designed for luxurious camping experience.
  • Our 8-person waterproof tents are superiorly compatible with new-age technology.
  • Along with the features that make the tents extremely water repellant, these are free from harmful chemicals that are harsh on the ecology.
  • Our 8-person waterproof tents are also one of the best support equipment for elevations of any types – be it the mountain top or a low marshy land, your choice of camping destination will not make these any less favorable.
  • Strong and robust aluminum frames that hold the tents firmly to the ground with breathable fabric that provides for cross-ventilation.
  • The floors of our tents are made from a thick durable material that renders it safe from all types of wear and tear factors like stones and broken branches on the ground or even your shoes!
  • Planning to go on a long hiking trip? Choose the 8-person waterproof tents offered by Camping Press to ensure ample rest.
  • The tents we offer have partitions so that your private space is never compromised when relaxing and resting.
  • Hinged doorways with a well-defined porch outside with a netted structure infront to prevent entry of flies and mosquitoes inside. It also gives you ample space to enjoy the sight outdoors.
  • There is a good range of color options to choose from.
  • The zipper is one reason of great stress for campers having had bad experiences with this area. The tents available with Camping Press have no such issues. Their zipper has smooth movement up and down without causing any problem to residents inside.

At Camping Press, we are passionate about camping and hiking. WE love anything that is bound to nature. Years of camping experience and trying out different products from various domestic and international brands led us to design these innovative range of waterproof tents. We have learnt from the issues that the other products had – which is why we guarantee the superior quality and performance of the branded tents which we offer. The walls of our waterproof tents are all well-stretched out when set up without any signs of wrinkles. The ceiling is also crease-less and well-taut once installed; the seams are absolutely straight with no twists and turns, which makes the 8-person waterproof tent as strong and stable as practically possible.

You can find best price for the various branded 8-person waterproof tents at Camping Press because we believe in providing good quality tents at the right prices. Great care has been taken by the leading tent brand to design and create the tents well, and make them with the right materials that is not burdensome for your pockets and at the same time providing a supremely comfortable camping experience – whether you are an experienced camper or a new one.